Memory Improvement Training Workshop & Courses For Law Students in Singapore

Memory Improvement Training Workshop & Courses For Law Students in Singapore


  • Learn to effectively apply the 10 most important mnemonic techniques for law students.
  • Eliminate rote memorisation; save valuable study time.
  • Practice mental filling to prevent yourself from “Blanking Out” during major examinations.
  • Learn to recall information within 2 seconds; save valuable examination time.
  • How to remember what was taught in class long-term.
  • How to use active listening strategies to help you retain more information during class.
  • How to memorise difficulties remembering names stated in cases.
  • Learn the world’s easiest memory technique to memorise numbers rapidly.
  • How to memorise important case dates.
  • How to memorise difficulties remembering information of cases and case studies.
  • 4 reasons why memory fail for students and how to remedy and prevent such failures from occurring.
  • Learning vs understanding vs memorising: Why you should always memorise a piece of information by first understanding and learning it.
  • How to memorise a rule or law as well as the number of provision (Article or Section).
  • Learn the Powerful Memory Matrix: How to store vast amount of information from different subjects without getting it mixed up.


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Memory Improvement Training Workshop & Courses For Law Students in Singapore

Over the most recent 19 years I have ventured to every part of the U.S. showing memory preparing to understudies of any age with an end goal to build up their actual potential learning capacities. I have established that there are two sorts of understudies in the expansive range of learning capacity as opposed to learning potential. For this article I will call them START understudies and STOP understudies. I should state S.T.A.R.T. furthermore, S.T.O.P. understudies. Give me a chance to clarify what I mean by that. There a couple of individuals in this world that has self inspiration, drive, want and the need to exceed expectations. You know the one’s that put forth a concentrated effort to all that they do whether it be exercises that include work or out and out fun.

I presently can’t seem to meet an understudy that couldn’t fit in one of those classes except for the appalling soul, constrained because of mental structure and limit. Indeed, even a considerable lot of those have exceeded expectations in their given circumstances. The understudies I am will portray are those that putting their psyche to it, could be more, have more, and accomplish more by simply applying the devices accessible to them similar devices that I am will depict to you in this article. So when I say the S.T.A.R.T. understudy I mean the “Understudies That Are Really Trying” the S.T.A.R.T. understudy. When I say the S.T.O.P. understudies I am alluding to the, “Understudies That Often Procrastinate”, yes the genuine S.T.O.P. understudies.

So let me clarify the distinction a START understudy is the understudy that continually endeavors to do his or her best. You know the understudy that goes the additional mile to make their best grade on everything the touch. The understudies when addressing difficulties they generally search for methods for enhancing their evaluations and afterward doing it when they discover it. Understudies inquiring about approaches to make learning stick and after that doing what it takes. They at times spend endless hours concentrate to know the material as well as can be expected and get ready for shocks. They are understudies that know their own constraints with regards to adapting new material. The kid, young lady, man or lady understudies that scans for new techniques to make the most of their endeavors and after that utilization those same methodologies.

Presently let me clarify my next understudy or the STOP understudy. STOP understudies dependably search for the alternate route or the most effortless approach to get by, not really by the skin of their teeth but rather making no less than a passing evaluation. This understudy has a tendency to hesitate and scarcely meet the due date for their scholastic endeavors. They might be understudies that could accomplish more, be progressively and have all the more yet they decide for reasons unknown to do less, have less, and be less. Stalling is a horrendous time waster that brings numerous disappointments or not as much as attractive outcomes.

To be an understudy that keeps on taking in the entire trip of their life requires doing a straightforward arrangement of specific things to attempt beyond any doubt that their endeavors are constantly remunerated. It’s what I call having the triumphant edge with regards to Making Learning Stick. Some straightforward instruments that fruitful individuals use to make life all the more compensating with regards to learning will be collapsed into this article and devices that effectively achieved by everybody that needs to be a START understudy.

The principal thing that an understudy needs is the will to accomplish. I.Q. or, on the other hand shrewd remainder is a number that measures the aftereffects of a trial of your insight. Stick-to-itiveness is an attribute that a START understudy has inside and approaches learning in an uplifting demeanor way. Begin understudies consider issues to be openings and approaches to take in another way to satisfy their objectives. Objectives will have a major influence in this article and be something that you should use in all strolls of your excursion. When learning is drawn nearer decidedly it will just outcome in positive outcomes on the off chance that you have an uplifting demeanor. I firmly trust that your state of mind not your bent decides your axiom. I call this have the triumphant edge or victors’ leverage.

I will explain the parts you will utilize and give you a clarification as quickly as I can as how I see your means to turning into a START understudy for whatever is left of your life on the off chance that you so pick.


1-Make taking in a diversion.

2-Plan your investigation and concentrate your arrangement.

3-Set Goals.

4-Track Results

5-Make Adjustments

6-Review comes about for future enhancements.

Every part has singular advances and I will cover a couple in each to give you a photo of How Making Learning Stick will function to make you a START understudy and not a STOP understudy.

Make taking in a diversion works more than you can envision, on the grounds that the cerebrum can take in more through building memory by making it novel and not out and out as it might show up as a subject. The versatility of the mind permits us the capacity to learn for as long as we can remember not simply in our initial idea to learn a very long time in school. It was suspected that our intellectual decrease was age related wrongly lamentably such huge numbers of set adapting aside for later when they achieved elderly status. The quote by Dostoevsky “that keeps an eye on second 50% of his life is spent doing propensities learned in the primary half”, has been played out to long. (To summarize the quote) I should disclose to you that I feel have adapted more in the initial nine years of my last half than I believe I learned in the initial 50 however I realize that is not genuine it feels that way. This is on the grounds that I figured out how the psyche truly learns and recollects.

That is the reason I say make taking in an amusement that is entertaining! It will last as long as you can remember!

The second part is critical. Plan your examination and concentrate your arrangement it is something I have watched more in the previous 19 years of showing Mnemonics as a preparation therapist in the mechanical and business atmosphere, than any of alternate segments. I had a decent companion that was Valedictorian in my class and I generally longed that I could have been as keen as he might have been. You see much to my dismay that I had the insight I simply didn’t have the know how. You see the greater part of the understudies I meet that are STOP understudies are constrained just by the confinements as far as they could tell and I have had an enthusiasm for potential to change the ones I can. I generally believed that the Peter Principle was a mix-up.

The arranging procedure is a standout amongst the most underutilized segments in all achievement. I am not saying that immediacy or beginning in light of no end doesn’t work, I am stating that arranging your investigation and concentrate your arrangement is more unsurprising. While doing this you are responsible for the changes and needs. Framework investigation is the aftereffect of such works. This one segment is a lead in to most critical piece of considering and that is defining objectives.

Objective arranging is critical to accomplish the outcomes you want, you may in any case accomplish comes about however those that come because of objective arranging hold an alternate arrangement of properties. Objective arranging takes into consideration need setting and need change. Objectives are not just the finish of the means to accomplishment; the means are the most vital learning forms we leave with. Here and there it takes the last triumphs to comprehend that specific point. I will disclose to you the best objective arranging incorporates these key focuses: Is it achievable Is it trustworthy Is it quantifiable and would you be able to set due dates. In conclusion is the straightforward ABMD strategy.

The segment that includes following your outcomes includes surveying your outcomes to search for potential alterations, changes or aggregate lightening. Taking in originates from alter as you would like to think at searching for at or inside the coded information in your brain. The way we learn is to take information in and ideally with the best possible development or reproduction of existing learning to shape another information securing bringing about learning. Making it discovering that sticks is altogether subject to the way that you build, recreate or set out the new memory follow. That is truly where the making taking in a diversion comes in to play. Reason the joke. I have collapsed the following segment into this section accidentally however I will approach it now.

Influencing changes in accordance with will come in two structures one being another development of learning or reproduction of the current information or both. Memory follows are framed as seen now by two mind cells or neurons shaping together by terminating an electrical and synthetic response called an activity potential or neurotransmitter. I utilize this integrative organic term just to tell you that learning is presently comprehended at new levels. It use to be believed that memory was a structure in our psyche yet now the comprehension is that memory isn’t a structure yet a procedure of many structures pulled together by a piece of our cerebrum called the hippocampus.

I as of late went to a cerebrum symposium at the mind wellbeing focus in Dallas where the father of intellectual science Michael Gazzaniga of the college of California Santa Barber was granted the first Charles Branch grant in Dallas that day. After Dr. Gazzaniga acknowledged the honor he made an introduction about the cerebrum and the law that clarified why he is known as The Father Of Cognitive Science and the significant specialist in split mind thinks about. The momentum look into in the pliancy of the mind and its capacity will bring further comprehension of why long lasting learning is the reason for new techniques for learning.

This leads me to the last part of evaluating comes about for future enhancements. The survey of your last outcomes will demonstrate to you the genuine ways that prompt your accomplishment and enable you to realize where the alterations or adjustments for future learning will be required. We take in consistently how our mind learns and still have a long way to go. The alternate routes we learn are because of new research and our capacity to enhance our learning techniques will give us the capacity to make more START understudies and less STOP understudies.

We have built up a Successful Student System give the yearning for understudy the instruments important to enhance learning and show signs of improvement comes about for the time put resources into learning. We keep on developing such instruments through experiential preparing and safeguard that you utilize strategies that make Learning That Sticks.

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