Medical Students Memory Improvement Course in Singapore

Medical Students Memory Improvement Course in Singapore

Course Content:

  1. One Memory technique to rapidly memorise abstract images, anatomy and tables.
  2. A powerful method to memorise new vocabulary, definitions, business and medical terms rapidly.
  3. How to quickly memorise any sort of graphs.
  4. 3 quick ways to transfer information from short-term into long-term memory.
  5. How to memorise complex sets of information using the method of loci.
  6. How to build mental folders to prevent confusion of related materials.
  7. How to memorise a combination of words and numbers.
  8. One powerful memory techniques to used when memorizing essay questions.
  9. The ultimate seven memory improvement techniques you need to memorise anything found is your medical textbook.
  10. Using spaced repetition learning to your advantage.
  11. Eliminate rote memorisation, but your study time by 500%.
  12. Triple your memorisation and recall capabilities by learning the 3-step memory process.
  13. The art of memory is attention: learn easy techniques to improve your attention.
  14. Learn simple strategies to improve your visualisation and imagination skills.
  15. Practice mental filling to prevent one from “Blanking Out” during exams.

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