Finance Students Memory Training Course in Singapore

Finance Students Memory Training Course in Singapore

University undergraduate finance students memory improvement training course and workshop in Singapore.


Course Content

  1. Learn to effectively apply the 10 most important mnemonic techniques for finance students.
  2. Eliminate rote memorisation; save valuable study time.
  3. Practice mental filling to prevent yourself from “Blanking Out” during major examinations.
  4. Learn to recall information within 2 seconds; save valuable examination time.
  5. How to remember what was taught in class long-term.
  6. How to use the Cornell-Note Taking System to help you remember notes better.
  7. How to use active listening strategies to help you retain more information during class.
  8. How to memorise financial and economic graphs.
  9. How to memorise tables.
  10. 4 reasons why memory fail for students and how to remedy and prevent such failures from occurring.
  11. Learning vs understanding vs memorising: Why you should always memorise a piece of information by first understanding and learning it.
  12. How to make sure you never forget what you learn.

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Memory Improvement Tips

Finance Students Memory Training Course in Singapore

In the event that you hear somebody yelling “FIRE” you will positively stop and focus. All things considered, a comparable enticing gadget is the thing that you have to make for yourself each time you are going to go out.

I am not supporting yelling so anyone can hear. My proposal is some inside shout, or tune, or vision. What might as well be called tying an eye-getting brilliant red memory ready lace around your doorknob. All it takes is a straightforward, constant respite, that progresses toward becoming as propensity shaping as brushing your teeth, that influences you to stop sufficiently long to verify that nothing essential gets fixed.

Experience has shown me that it isn’t quite recently tumultuous minutes that ask for consideration – albeit boisterous does particularly influence me to need to stop, take a full breath, and go over my agenda.

It would be far excessively humiliating for me – the Memory Lady, workshop moderator, helper, writer of Where Are My Keys, and maker of the LOVE Memory Method, who shows individuals of any age to recollect in a way they always remember – to neglect to appear to a meeting without a duplicate of my book, or wearing two distinct hoops!

Here is the thing that I have prepared myself to do to drive myself to stop and focus before going out. Also, I do mean every single time. In the event that I don’t take that extremely essential delay, I am certain to leave something fixed.

I have to stop when running out my entryway, particularly when that I am surged, pounded for time, my brain jogging ahead to go over the points of interest of a meeting I am headed toward go to or a workshop I am displaying that day.

I even need to stop on the uncommon events when it feels like I have all the time on the planet, in light of the fact that the threat isn’t so much the time smash as the mind meandering, contemplating something besides ensuring the espresso pot is unplugged.

This may sound senseless, yet it genuinely works for me. As I am going to go after the doorknob, my internal identity yells “stop,” my inventive self imagines a splendid red light on the doorknob, and I take a full breath. That little delay takes my psyche back to the present minute. I rundown my agenda, and after that I can leave with the cerebrum affirmation that my home is bolted up and I have all that I require with me.

A decent memory is needy upon an inside framework that points out your key minutes.

I welcome you to make an inner, beyond any doubt fire caution for yourself. And afterward intentionally hone it consistently for thirty days until the point that it turns into a propensity. At that point you won’t leave home without it.

Judy Marcus, Memory Lady, makes recollecting extraordinary!

Creator of WHERE ARE MY KEYS?, and maker of the LOVE Memory Method, Judy propels, motivates and enables individuals of any age to state farewell to feeling fatigued and distracted and to make proper acquaintance with an incredible memory.

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